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automatic packaging machinery

automatic packaging machinery
( unit : mm )
Maximum Advance 400mm(Longer sizes on request)
Maximum Forming Depth 80mm/100mm/150mm(0ption)
Film Width 340mm-400mm Max (Above 400mm is Option)
Loading Area depending on die specification
Control System PLC Control / Servo motor
Electrical Voltage 3P 220/400V 50/60Hz
Electrical Power Consumption 7-18 KW/15-33 Amp/380V. 22-55 Amp/220V
Pneumatic Consumption 900-1200 Liter/m 7bar
Water Consumption 60-130 Liter/H 2bar 5~10℃
Approximate Weight 900-1300 Kg
KOMAS reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice
The KR-series is a Thremoforming machine for vacuum packing, gas packaging and for the packaging of sliced meats, seafood, poultry, agricultural products, pickled foods, vegetarian foods, bean stuffing, bread and baked goods, prepared foods, electronics and hardware parts, medical instruments, disposable sterile medical products and medicines, and clothing. With free consultation for all kinds of packaging and labeling solutions to meet production requirements.
Durable stainless steel construction makes it easy to clean. We attached high-capacity vacuum pump made in Germany and this automatic system is controlled by microprocessor.
Especially, this machine is designed to be operated easily and to prevent electronic parte & hardware from rust and dampness. You can finish maintenance very shortiy. Komapack machines are applicable to various types of processing factories.
Komapack machines have two kinds of packing system.
One is to seal up in the vacuum status after taking off the air by vacuum pump and another one is to seal after filling the pack in the vacuum status with protective gas in order to maintain the freshness of food for a long time and prevent the product from spoilage. In this way, food expiry date is extended. Above vacuum and gas flushing systems are optional. Applicable materials include solid products, poweders and liquids.
Construction Features
*Programmerable Logic Control System
*Touch Screen (En^ish or Hangull)
*Moudle Base Construction
*Gripper Chains
*Control Cabinet
· Control System
*KR-series is easy to operate: it has 300/Turning Control Panel With Touch Screen to be Displayed
*Operating Mode Section
*Operating Time and Temperature Information
*Film Advance Selection and Control
*Cycle counter
*Error Message
*Programmable data up to 50 Configurations
· Solutions
The Machines were designed to be adapted clienfs Specific Needs and Applications such as Product Type, Material Type, Package Shape and Speed required We can integrate other options and Accessories according to Application.
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