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was established in 1984, and has enjoyed an excellent reputation as a Professional manufacturer of vacuum sealing &ROLLSTOCK packaging machines. Market demands have pushed the company toward an international and technology driven strategy. To date, we have developed more than ten different kinds of specific machines, for application in factories ranging from small-shop to large-scale production. Regardless of the specifications of the cast parts and modules, our machinery allows for manufacturing standardization. This allows the parts produced to be applied to a wide range of machinery. We continually work to improve precision, lower maintenance requirements, and increase the machines' working life.

Our insistence of the ideal : "Quality controls are the basis of our company" has endured since the founding of the company. Consequently, our equipment has been praised and adopted by many manufacturers around the world. We provide our customers with the widest range of uses, enhancing their production efficiency, and thereby increasing our sales and reputation. More importantly, our machinery has been successfully put into production in many countries around the world. Our transformation into an international enterprise is based on the standardization, productivity and internationalization of our production and sales system.

FEATURES : Stainless steel construction, durable and attractive, easy to clean. With an imported European high-capacity vacuum pump and an automatic control system, the unit has low breakdown rate and is easy to operate. Applicable for various types of processing factories.
FUNCTIONS: For the packaging of perishable foods,the pack has either a vacuum drawn or is flushed with protective gases to maintain the flavor and prevent spoilage of the product. As a result,shelf life and freshness are increased substantially. Prolongs food expiration dates. Prevents electronic and hardware parts from rusting and dampening. Applicable materials include solid products, powder and liquids.

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